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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Getting started

The Peaceful School Bus program has now been published as a facilitators guide including a DVD and CD-Rom by Hazelden ( I am aware of some schools that are using it, but I would love to know about all the schools using it. I would also like to be available to answer questions that the users of the program might have. Since the Peaceful School Bus program is designed to be adaptable to any school, I would like to hear about how the program has been implemented in other places. I am sure that there are great ideas or solutions to problems that your school would like to share. Hopefully this site could be a way for schools who are using it to connect with each other.

I am new to blogging and created this on my own, so bear with me as I learn the best ways to use this. Please feel free to email me directly at

If you are using the program and don't have anything to share, you can just say "hi" letting me know where you are and how it's going.

If you stumble upon this site and would like to know more about the program go the Hazelden site and search for the Peaceful School Bus. The site gives an overview of the program along with sample lesson plans and a video showing the program in action.